We are just 6 km from the Walls of the city of Lucca and 14 km from Pisa, between the Monte Pisano and the first hills of the Apennines straddling the regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. In this point, the Serchio River flows out of the plains of Lucca heading for the sea. The road to Abetone, Motorway A11 and the railway line flank the river and, since 2011, also the Puccini bicycle and pedestrian course.


The nearest town in the province of Pisa is Ripafratta, 2 km away.

Ripafratta is an ancient village with few inhabitants, dominated by an imposing fortress that for centuries has marked the border between Lucca and Pisa, serving as a garrison to all road and water connections between the two ancient cities, bitter enemies in medieval times.

Just 3 km from us, on the opposite bank of the Serchio River in the province of Lucca is the village of Nozzano, which rose around the medieval castle that was destroyed and rebuilt several times during the many feuds between the two cities.


Agricampeggio La Valle is a place to stay or a stopover during a trip through Tuscany, from which you can easily visit Lucca, a people- and child-oriented medieval jewel, 90% pedestrian area surrounded by the Urban Park of the City Walls. (The city can be reached by bike, bus and train).

And Pisa, bustling with life around the wonderful Piazza dei Miracoli, has always constituted a fundamental must-see location of the tourist and artistic “Italian Tour”. (The city can be reached by bus or train).


The Strada Statale per l’Abetone state road leading to La Valle is flanked by magnificent centuries-old lime trees originally planted to provide shade to passing coaches.

This very busy street lies at the foot of Monte Pisano, which rises like a massive island between the two plains of Lucca and Pisa and is rich in grottos, springs and thermal waters and panoramic sites that from the southern slope offer a beautiful view of the sea and of some of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago.


The nearest beach establishments are found at the mouth of the Serchio River, in Vecchiano (about 20 km from the farm camping grounds (reachable by car) and in Viareggio (about 25 km away, reachable by train from Lucca).



Ripafratta and its environs may be familiar to people who have seen the multi-award winning film “The English Patient” directed by Anthony Minghella.

To build the first Romanesque churches in Pisa and Lucca, the stones coming from the quarries of Monte Pisano were transported to the plains area through a system of navigable canals.